Welcome to the Classical Homeopathy Practice of Sibylle Sigrist in Uster. Homeopathy is a gentle, profound, and comprehensive healing method in which the person and not the disease has the main focus of attention. You are kindly invited to find out more about this type of healing practice on this website and from my presentations and lectures. make an appointment Tel. 044 941 60 00


First consultation

  • A thorough first consultation of approx. 90 minutes forms the basis of the constitutional treatment. Follow-up consultations last approx. 30 minutes.
  • In acute cases, you will receive a priority appointment.
  • At your first consultation please bring the completed form Patient and Familiy History along with you.

Follow-up consultation

  • During the follow-up consultations your your mental and physical progress will be monitored.
  • Follow-up consultations lasts approx. 30 minutes. Follow-up consultations take place depending upon the disease and the course of treatment – in acute cases within days and weeks – in chronic cases it may be between 2-6 months.

Case analysis

  • Subsequently with a consultation, the collected symptoms will be prioritised. With the aid of the homeopathic repertory the remedy, suiting to your specific case will be prescribed.



Since 2011
Regular advanced training at SHI School of Homeopathy, Switzerland
  • Intensive seminars for three days, four times a year
  • Internship at the Shri Kamaxidevi Homeopathic Hospital, India (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018)
  • Regular sessions, monthly
Since 2009 Regular supervisions of patients with Dr. M.S. Jus, Zug
Diploma of homeopathy hfnh SHI
  • Studies at SHI School of Homeopathy, Zug
  • Member of hfnh (Höheren Fachschule für Naturheilverfahren und Homöopathie)
  • Homeopathic, medical and practical full-time education
  • Practical training of 460 patients at Shri Kamaxidevi Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, India
  • Medical internship at “Paraplegikerzentrum Nottwil”
2003-2004 Diploma in IT Systems Engineering at an international enterprise, Switzerland
1996-2002 Diploma in Biology, University of Basel, Switzerland


Since 2017 Lecturer of homeopathy at SHI School of Homeopathy, Zug
2014-2017 Homeopath for inpatients and outpatients at Gesundheitszentrum Sokrates, Güttingen TG, part-time am Gesundheitszentrum Sokrates, Güttingen TG, Teilpensum
Since 2011 Practice of Classical Homeopathy at Uster, self-employed
Approved by health insurances via alternative medicine
2003- 2009 IT Solution Engineer of an international enterprise, part-time
IT Project Leader of an international enterprise, full-time
IT Systems Engineer of an international enterprise, full-time
2002-2003 Research projects in biology and bio-physics in various countries


Substantial Education

  • 4 ½ years of studies at the SHI Homeopathy School in Zug, Switzerland
  • 6000 hours of education, with 3000 hours in medicine
  • 1800 hours of practical application with patient care
  • Masters Degree in Biology of the University of Basel, Switzerland

Further Homeopathic Training

  • Supervision with patients under the direction of Dr. M.S. Jus
  • Intensive seminars at the SHI homeopathy school in Zug
  • Practical training at the Shri Kamaxidevi Homoepathic Hospital in Goa, India



Since 2010
Founder and Board Member of SHI Alumni
Since 2009
Association of Homeopathy Switzerland
Member of the Swiss Foundation for Talented Young People

"Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the latest and refined method of treating patients economically and non-violently."

Mahatma Gandhi

What is Homeopathy?

  • Holistic

  • Homeopathy is a natural, gentle, and profound healing method that considers the entire human being and not only ill parts of the body.
  • Unique

  • The person is the focus of the treatment. From an elaborate number of homeopathic remedies the best suitable is chosen for each individual.
  • Compliant

  • Most homeopathic remedies are made from plants – but also from metals, minerals, products of animals and other components. These are precursors for the production of more than 2000 healing substances used in homeopathic remedies. The remedies are free of undesired side effects and do not interact with pharmaceutical medications.
  • Profound

  • Homeopathy was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and established 200 years ago. It is underlined by the basic principle: «Similia similibus curentur», which means: «Similar is cured by similar». A remedy has only the power to cure those symptoms of an illness which it produces in a healthy person during the testing of the remedy. The principle «Similar is cured by similar» is a law of nature. For example, the homeopathic remedy Coffea (a product of the coffee bean) reveals in a healthy person nervousness, trembling, sleeplessness and crankiness. If it is introduced to a patient with similar symptoms, then it will bring him back to calmness and stability.
  • Comprehensive

  • The Homeopath considers available medical diagnosis. Diseases which have occured to relatives are integrated in the homeopathic case taking. Collaboration with professionals of academic medicine and alternative, therapeutic occupations is possible. Homeopathy can also be applied to support the patient during a long-term academic medical treatment. It has proven its value before and after surgery: in particular homeopathy activates and boosts the healing process.

Who benefits from Homeopathic care?

Homeopathy boosts the life force of the patient. It is suited for people with a diagnosed illness and also for those who have symptoms which cannot be attributed to specific diseases. Homeopathy suits people of any age and in any circumstances or stages of life. The treatment is especially suitable for babies, children and pregnant woman since the homeopathic remedies are non-poisonous. Homeopathy can be applied for physical, mental and emotional problems and diseases.

When is Homeopathy at its limit?

  • When surgery is unavoidable

  • E.g. in case of a severe accident, extremely large gallstone and tumors, caesarean, tooth extraction, implantation and amputation. In such cases, homeopathy is applied before and after the operation to support the healing process.
  • When cells of non-regenerative organs are destroyed

  • E.g. in case of diabetes mellitus type I, homeopathy cannot substitute the cells that produce insulin, nor the insulin itself. In such a case, homeopathy is applied as a supportive therapy.
  • When assistance, care and surveillance are lacking

  • E.g. in cases of serious psychic diseases, advanced cancer or after severe injuries, it is a healing impediment when assistance, care and surveillance are lacking. In such cases, homeopathy is helpful for the patient in interdisciplinary co-operation of the care team.
  • In terminal stages of diseases

  • In such cases, homeopathy is applied as palliative therapy. The inner, subjective well-being of the patient has priority. Mental and emotional processes during the last phase of life are gently endorsed and physical pain soothed.

When to apply Homeopathy?

When physical, mental and emotional disorders are present, when the disorders are acute or in a chronic state. This can be anything from an acute cold all the way to a rheumatic disease. Here are some examples:

Impaired immune system
Allergies, hay fever
Recurrent cold, chronic sinusitis
Obstipation, flatulence
Recurring cystitis
Lack of concentration
Fears, social inhibition
Over or underweight
Rheumatic pain
Hormonal disorders
Menstruation disorders
Illness during pregnancy
Recess in upgrowth



The hourly rate for consultation is CHF 160.
The telephone consultation fee is the same for calls between 08:00-18:00 h (CET).

Outside Working Hours / Emergency Calls

During week-ends and through the week between 18.00-08.00 h. An additional charge of CHF 25 will be levied per consultation.

Home Visit

In urgent cases and under mutual agreement I will visit you or your children at home. The extra charge depends on travel time. For Uster and vicinity – amount of approximately CHF25 travel costs per visit will be charged.

Query by E-mail

Query via e-mail will also be charged. Requests for appointments sent via e-mail are free of charge.

Coverage by Health Insurance

Classical Homeopathy Practice of Sibylle Sigrist is approved by the Swiss health insurances for complementary medicine and is registered at EMR and ASCA (Swiss quality labels for health insurances). Ask your personal insurance provider for the amount of coverage you can receive in your health plan.

Quality Labels

ZSR-Nr. G839060



by email or telephone.

Sibylle Sigrist
dipl. Homöopathin hfnh SHI
+41 44 941 60 00

Opening hours

Mo – Fr: 8 – 18 h


If you have to cancel your appointment, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance.


If you need to contact me outside the business hours, please do so via the emergency number that will be given during your first appointment. (Extra costs for emergency calls 25.- CHF from Mo-Fr between 18 to 8 h, and on week-ends and national holidays from 0-24h).

Around the clock

It is important for me that my patients are also helped outside business hours. When I am not available, my business colleague is there to provide continued homeopathic care for you.

First consultation

Please print, fill out and bring this form with you for the first consultation: PDF Patient and Familiy History.

Praxis am Aabach

The practice is situated 300 meters from the train station Uster at Seestrasse 7. Public parking is underground at the Uschter 77 Shopping Center.

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